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Coaching Institutes

Automate Coaching Institute
operation with Alpide Education ERP

Smooth management and enhanced productivity and streamlining operations for optimal performance.

Alpide Education ERP

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Coaching Institute ERP Software

Alpide's coaching institute ERP software provides comprehensive management solutions, covering administration, teaching, and communication.


Custom Education ERP

Tailored solutions to fit the unique requirements of your coaching institute. Customize modules, workflows, and interfaces to ensure seamless management and enrich the learning experience.


End-to-End Coaching Institute Solutions

From administration to teaching and learning, our comprehensive solutions engage students, teachers, administrators, and connect with parents seamlessly, fostering a conducive learning environment.


Marketing and Lead Management

Streamline your marketing efforts with built-in CRM tools. Track leads, manage inquiries, and convert them into enrollments with ease, boosting your coaching institute's growth and reach.

Pre-School ERP Software


A Reliable Education ERP Platform

Alpide Education ERP simplifies educational management with a comprehensive platform, while Alpide Lense offers real-time analytics and insights for data-driven decisions.

Automated Fee Collection
Admission Management
Fees Tracking
Manage Courses
AI-Driven Attendance
Track Assignments
Role Based Access
Send Notices
Online Registration
Organize libraries
Student Profiling
Push Notifications
Student ID Card
Task Management

We care about your data
and security


Complete Data Security

Ensuring end-to-end data security for total visibility of the audit trail and support compliance


Daily Cloud Backup

Daily cloud backup for unpredictable risks or disasters.


Regulations and Compliance

Ensure compliance with local and international data privacy laws and following best cyber protection practices.

Coaching Institute Management Made Easy!

Alpide's coaching institute ERP solutions streamlines interactions and management across all user types—administrators, teachers, students, and parents—to ensure smooth operations and enhanced learning experiences.


Admin Portal

A centralized hub for managing coaching institute operations. Automate admissions, track finances, generate reports, and maintain records effortlessly, all from one dashboard.


Teacher Portal

Empowering teachers to manage classes, assignments, and student performance. Communicate with parents, track progress, and enhance learning outcomes effectively.


Student Portal

Providing students with an intuitive interface to access assignments, class materials, and schedules. Track progress, submit work, and stay engaged in the learning process effortlessly.


Parent Portal

Keeping parents informed and involved in their child's education journey. View progress reports, communicate with teachers, track attendance, and access school updates seamlessly.


Mobile App

Access coaching institute management features on the go. Administrators, teachers, parents, and students can interact with the system anytime, anywhere, ensuring seamless communication and management.


Attendance App

The AI-driven Face-ID attendance management system simplifies attendance tracking for both students and teachers. With real-time capture, reporting, and analytics, it provides valuable insights into attendance patterns, enhancing overall efficiency.

Alpide Coaching Institute FAQs

How does the Coaching Institute ERP Software manage various aspects of coaching institute operations?

Our ERP software offers comprehensive solutions for managing administration, teaching, and communication across all stakeholders, providing seamless interaction and centralized control.
Our custom Education ERP offers tailored solutions, allowing coaching institutes to customize modules, workflows, and interfaces, ensuring seamless management and enriched learning experiences.
Our ERP software integrates built-in CRM tools, enabling coaching institutes to track leads, manage inquiries, and convert them into enrollments efficiently, contributing to institutional growth.
Our unified platform offers distinct portals for administrators, teachers, students, and parents, streamlining communication and management for all involved parties.

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