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Student Information System

- School Information System -

Advanced Student Information System for Modern Education Needs

Seamlessly integrate registration, profiling and communication designed to improve student engagement and streamline administrative efficiency.

One Stop Solution For Effective Student Management

Efficiently digitalise and automate academic and administrative activities.

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Seamless Registration of Student Data

Maintaining student profiling, directory and registration


Manual and Online Registration


It offers seamless enrollment experience, allowing students to submit their documents and personal information.

Each student has a detailed profile created, which includes academic history, attendance, fees and personal data all in one place.

It is a centralized database that enables looking for and managing students, improving communication and administrative efficiency.

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Key Solutions For
Academic Management

Transform school operations with ID, attendance and analysis.

Identifying and verifying student credentials. It is used to access control, library checkouts and on-campus transactions.

Manual & Face-ID (AI) driven attendance management records and monitors the student’s presence in class.

Reports generated based on the pattern of attendance, analyzing trends, looking for areas of improvement and improve student engagement.

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Connect, Assess & Engage

Connecting, keeping a track on how they are performing and keeping them engaged.

Communicate with students to ensure they are informed and engaged.

Learning outcomes, guides improvements and informs teaching decisions.

Online course and exam, homework, a digital notice board, fee management, and attendance tracking.

School Features & Benefits


Customized for you

We do not offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Our solutions are tailored to the unique needs of your educational institution.


Accounting Streamlined

Allows a range of integrations for schools, colleges, and universities for full visibility into your financials and accounting.


Fundraising Management

Ensure the use of improved fund management and collection tools that can help bring in cash faster.


Automate Tasks

Automation tools can help perform redundant or repetitive tasks with increased reliability, accuracy, and efficiency.


Auditable Reports

Generate reports for fee invoices, purchase orders, payable checks, and more, with multiple reporting options along with automation.


Custom Web Portal

Create a robust, secure, and intuitive web portal for schools, colleges, and universities to streamline data dissemination and access.

Alpide Student Information System FAQs

What is the objective of the school information system?

The aim is to plan, organize, actuate and control performances to determine and accomplish a set of objectives. It makes all these tasks online and automatic without depending on another party.

Schools, colleges, universities commonly use it, and other educational organizations to manage student data efficiently. The aim is to streamline educational institutions’ administrative tasks and record-keeping processes.

The features of a student information system are manual and online registration, student profiling, ID card, attendance, time table, student application, academic performance and student directory.

Parents can be given control of certain fields in the software by the admin. Documents can be uploaded faster and easier. Student information collection is decentralized and minimizes the workload of the staff.

The student information system not only manages student data but also analyzes it for better educational outcomes. Features like performance dashboards, attendance trends, and behavior analysis allow educators to tailor their approaches to meet individual student needs. This targeted support helps in identifying at-risk students and areas where intervention is needed, thereby improving overall student engagement and academic achievement.

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